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For a Storage & Packaging solution you can rely on, take advantage of our experience. Call our support hotline to discuss your storage or transport needs with a specialist!

Storage Solutions

Whether your challenges are in Finished goods or Line-side or in raw material section, we at SPACEAGE can assist you in addressing those challenges from concept to commissioning.

Packaging Solutions

SPACEAGE offers a team of experienced packaging specialists who can solve your most challenging packaging needs. We create cost effective packaging solutions using a variety of materials such as plastics, foam and paper products. You can be sure of damage-free transportation of sensitive components.

We offer a range of specialized materials including polyethylene, polyurethane, and cross-linked polyethylene. Our custom cushion and protective packaging solutions provide sound protection utilizing proven design methods.

Design Service

Our design team just needs basic information such as floor plan, load description, receipt and despatch process etc. 2D and / or 3D drawings are prepared for clear understanding of proposed facility. Traditional rack designs have been replaced by highly engineered systems designed to achieve specific advantages.

The design and implementation of Intra-Logistic systems has become increasingly complex with the advent of more sophisticated material handling equipments. SPACEAGE design team thrives to offer optimal balance of unit cost, storage density, warehouse throughput and ease of operation.

Installation Service

Even the best storage infrastructure will fail to deliver if installation is poor. Competent installation team is a must for assembling together a efficient storage facility. Skilled SPACEAGE installation team is ready to meet any challenge from a simple mezzanine flooring to complex pallet flow racking.

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