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Adjustable Pallet Rack

In selective Pallet Rack applications, a load is placed on the beams and the weight is transferred through connectors to the upright plates. The bracings keep the two posts together.

The two main components when considering a Pallet Rack and Mezzanine Floor system are the upright frame and beam. The upright frame is the main structure that stands in a vertical position, while the horizontal beam determines the size of the bay and holds the load.

To select the proper pallet rack & Storage rack for your application you will need to know the following.

  • Size and weight of the pallets to be stored on the Pallet Rack
  • The height of the pallets loaded with product
  • Clear height of the ceiling.
  • Obstruction such as pillars/protrusion etc

Row Spacers : Rigid connection for back to back pallet racks or Rack-to-Wall connection is to provide stability and parallel spacing from the wall.

Skid Channel & Pallet Support Bars :

Pallet rack’s supports bars prevent misplaced pallets from falling through they provide the load bearing support to pallets.

Column Protectors of Pallet Rack :

The uprights at row endings are protected by column protectors.

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